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ADPF 187

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ADPF 187 (June 15, 2011), is a landmark Brazil Supreme Court case. The rapporteur Celso de Mello voted in favor of protests of decriminalization of drugs.[1][2]


After of the decision of the Supreme Court, the people will not be penalized:[3]

  • People can to protest in favor of decriminalization of drugs.

High Court decision

Supreme Court of Brazil.

Judiciary representation

Supreme Court members Ministers Yes No
Antonio Cezar Peluso 1 1
Carlos Ayres Britto 1 1
Carmen Lúcia Antunes Rocha 1 1
Ellen Gracie Northfleet 1 1
José Celso de Mello Filho 1 1
Marco Aurélio Mello 1 1
Enrique Ricardo Lewandowski 1 1
Luiz Fux 1 1
Total 08 08 0

Legislative representation

Attorney General of Brazil Prosecutor Yes No
Roberto Gurgel 1 1
Total 1 1 0

Executive representation

Solicitor-General of Brazil Solicitor General Yes No
Luís Inácio Adams 1 1
Total 1 1 0

Amici curiae

Amici curiae (Support for ADPF 187) (02)
Associação Brasileira de Estudos Sociais de Psicoativos – ABESUP Instituto Brasileiro de Ciências Criminais – IBCCRIM

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