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Ectopic pregnancy

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Ectopic pregnancy
Ectopic pregnancy

An pregnancy that happens outside of the normal Uterus can be called ectopic although this normally refers to the pregnancy that happens in the Fallopian tubes.

Causes and risk factors for ectopic pregnancy

Anything that slows the passage of the fertilized zygote from the ovaries to the Uterus such as fibrosis, or inflammation of the Fallopian tubes can incrase the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

  • birth defect within the fallopian tubes
  • Scarring when a ruptured appendix
  • Endometriosis
  • Having ectopic gestation before
  • Scarring from past infections or surgery of the female organs
  • Age over thirty five
  • Having contraceptive device (IUD)
  • Had surgery to untie tubes (tubal sterilization) to become pregnant
  • Having had many sexual partners

Although the ectopic pregnancy is seen most commonly in the Fallopian tubes, in rare cases, ectopic pregnancies can occur within the ovary, abdomen, or cervix.

An ectopic gestation can occur notwithstanding use of birth control pills.

Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy

You may have early pregnancy symptoms, like breast tenderness or nausea. other symptoms might include:

  • Abnormal epithelial duct bleeding
  • Low back pain
  • gentle cramping on one side of the pelvis
  • No periods
  • Pain within the lower belly or girdle space
  • Fainting or feel faint
  • Intense pressure within the rectum
  • Low force per unit area
  • Pain within the shoulder space
  • Severe, sharp, and explosive pain within the lower abdomen

Tests for Ectopic Pregnancy

A pregnancy test and epithelial duct ultrasound are going to be done.

HCG could be a secretion unremarkably made throughout pregnancy. Checking the blood level of this secretion (quantitative gonadotrophic hormone blood test) can diagnose pregnancy. If the blood level of gonadotrophic hormone isn't rising quick enough, your doctor might suspect Associate in Nursing ectopic gestation.


Ectopic pregnancy is a serious condition that can sometimes be fatal and should be taken seriously. As the pregnancy cannot continue to birth (term), the developing fetus must be removed to save the mother's life.

You will want emergency medical help if the realm of the ectopic gestation breaks open (ruptures). Rupture can lead to bleeding and shock, Associate in Nursing emergency condition. Treatment for shock might include:

  • Fluids given through a vein
  • Keeping heat
  • Oxygen
  • Raising the legs

If there's a rupture, surgery is done to stop blood loss and remove the pregnancy. In some cases, the doctor might have to be compelled to take away the oviduct.

If the ectopic gestation has not burst, treatment might include:

  • Surgery
  • medication that ends the pregnancy, along side close observance by your doctor

Outlook (Prognosis)

One out of three ladies that have had one ectopic gestation area unit later able to have a baby. Another ectopic gestation is more possible to occur. Some ladies do not become pregnant once more.

Preventive measures

Most varieties of ectopic gestation that occur outside the fallopian tubes area unit probably not preventable. however a ectopic gestation is also prevented in some cases by avoiding conditions that might scar the fallopian tubes. the subsequent might reduce your risk:

  • Practicing safer sex by taking steps before and during sex, which may stop you from obtaining Associate in Nursing infection
  • obtaining early diagnosing and treatment of all infections caused by sexual relations (STDs)
  • Stopping smoking.


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