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Dental abrasion is the pathological wearing away of teeth due to abnormal processes, habits or abrasive substances. This condition is most commonly associated with over vigorous toothbrushing and abnormal habits.


  1. Over vigorous brushing
  2. Use of hard tooth brush
  3. Improper brushing technique
  4. Abrasive technique

Abnormal habits

  1. Biting a pipe stem
  2. Biting finger nails
  3. Opening bobby pins

Dental abrasion may results in:

  • Tooth Hypersensitivity
  • Compromised esthetics
  • Risk of tooth fracture
  • Pulpal damage
  • Caries
  • Poor periodontal health
Treatment options

1.Dentin Desensitization: This is a viable option for those situations where minimal amount of dentin is exposed(<1mm) and the patient experiences hypersensitivity. This may be managed by:

  • Fluoride varnishes or Fluoride iontophoresis
  • Dentin-bonding agents
  • Use of Desensitizing tooth pastes

2.Restorations: They are indicated when there is:

  • Considerable loss of enamel and dentin
  • Esthetics are compromised
  • Deep lesions affecting strength of the tooth
  • Caries in cervical lesion
  • Severe Hyper-Sensitivity

Restorative materials of choice are:

  • Glass ionomer cement
  • Composite
  • Amalgam

3.Endodontic Therapy: When cervical abrasion is extensive and involving the pulp, then root canal treatment is indicated followed by full coverage restoration in the form of crown.

4.Periodontal Therapy: Periodontal therapy is indicated when non-carious cervical lesion is associated with gingival recession and mucogingival defects.

  • Root coverage procedures using free gingival graft or connective tissue grafts.
  • Root coverage using non-grafting procedures like rotational and coronally advanced flaps or guided tissue regeneration.


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