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Accountable property

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Personal property that must be tracked on property records, including capitalized property, inventoried as required, that meets the following criteria- (1) Regardless of cost- (a) Government accountable property on loan; (b) Motor vehicles; (c) Aircraft; (d) Boats; (e) Heritage assets; (f) Leased property; (g) Firearms, aiming, and night-vision optics; (h) Sensitive personal property; (i) Protective personnel equipment (helmets, vests, etc.); (j) Classified or unclassified CPUs, monitors, and laptop computers; (k) All personal property located in warehouse or storeroom; (l) Two-way mobile radio systems with programmed frequencies such as emergency and evacuation or local guard force channels; (m) Fuel; (n) Furniture and equipment in residence; (o) Fire extinguishers; and (p) Munitions list items; (2) Serialized property having an acquisition cost of $500 or greater per item; and (3) Nonexpendable personal property with an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more per item.


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