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(as-et-an'-il-id), C 8 H 9 NO. Phenyl- acetamid. A white, crystalline solid, pro- duced by boiling anilin and glacial acetic acid together for several hours, the crystal- line mass being then distilled. It melts at 114 and boils at 259 . It is soluble in hot water, alcohol, and ether. Under the name antifebrin it is prescribed as an antipyretic.

Dose 2-10 gr. (0.13-0.65 Gm.), not exceed- ing 30 gr. (2 Gm.) in the 24 hours; of the compound powder (pulvis acetanilidi com- positus, U. S. P.) 7^ gr. (0.5 Gm.). A., Ammoniated, a mixture of acetanilid, 25 parts; ammonium carbonate, 10 parts; so- dium bicarbonate, 5 parts; sugar of milk, 60 parts. It is recommended as causing less depression than acetanilid alone. A., Mono- bromated. See Antisepsin.


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