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(ak-il-e' -ah) (Achilles, its reputed dis- coverer]. Milfoil; yarrow. The herb A. millefolium. Its properties are due to a bit- ter, aromatic, astringent, tonic extractive, achillein, and a volatile oil. It has long been used as a vulnerary, and has been highly recommended for intermittent and low exanthematous fevers. Dose i oz.-i pint infusion ad lib.; of the extractive, 1-3 dr.

(4-12 Gm.); of the volatile oil, 5-15 min.

(0.3-1.0 Cc). Unof. To the genus Achillea belong various other unofficial medicinal plants, as A. moschata, of the Alps, used in preparing cordials and a diaphoretic medi- cine, and A. ptarmica, or sneezewort, a strong sialagog.


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