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t is defined as a cavity or pouch swollen with air such as an intracranial aerocele.


(a-er' -o-sel)


Thyroid arerocele: It may also refer to a tumor varying with respiration, found in the thyroid region, usually unilateral, with walls resembling mucosa and containing mucous or mucopurulent matter which is sometimes congenital, but oftener the result of violent coughing or straining. When ac- quired it may disappear spontaneously.

Other names: Syn., Aerial bronchocele ; Aerial -goiter ; Pneumato- cele; Tracheocele; Hernia of the trachea; " Luftkropf." Aeroductor (a-er -o-duk' -tor) [dr,p, air; ducere, to lead].

Pneumocephalus: This is a condition where air enters the cranium via a break in the floor of the brain via the sinuses either due to infection or trauma.[1]

Other uses

Apparatus:An apparatus to prevent asphyxia in the fetus when the after-coming head is re- tained.


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