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(af'-ter) [AS., cefter, back]. 1. The anus; the buttocks. 2. Next in succession. A.- action, the negative variation in an electric current continuing for a short time in a tetanized muscle. A. -birth, the popular des- ignation of the placenta, cord, and mem- branes. A. -brain. See Hind-brain and Met- encephalon. A. -cataract, an opacity of the media of the eye after operation for cataract; due to opacification of the capsule or to non- absorption of the remains of the lens-substance.

Syn., Cataracta secundaria. A. -gilding, a term designating the process of treating nerve- tissues with salts of gold after fixation and hardening. A. -hearing, a condition in which sounds are heard after the wave-motion that produces them has ceased. A. -images, con- tinued retinal impressions after the stimulus of the light or image has ceased to act. A positive after-image is a simple prolongation of the sensation; a negative after-image is the appearance of the image in complemen- tary colors. A. -pain. See Pain. A.- perception, the perception of a sensation after the stimulus has passed away. A.- production, a newgrowth; neoplasm. A.- sensation, a sensation lasting longer than the stimulus producing it. A. -sound, an auditory sensation or impression remaining after the causative vibrations have ceased.

A. -taste, a gustatory sensation produced some time after the stimulus has been re- moved.

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