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Health topics C


c-section --> see cesarean section

cabg --> see heart bypass surgery



campylobacter --> see food contamination and poisoning

canavan disease --> see leukodystrophies


cancer alternative therapy

cancer chemotherapy

cancer - benign --> see benign tumors

cancer--living with cancer


canker sore --> see mouth disorders

cannabis --> see marijuana abuse

car safety --> see motor vehicle safety


carbon monoxide poisoning

carcinoid tumors

carcinoma --> see cancer

cardiac arrest --> see heart diseases

cardiac diseases --> see heart diseases


cardiopulmonary resuscitation --> see cpr

cardiovascular diseases --> see circulatory disorders-heart diseases

careers --> see health occupations


caregivers for alzheimers disease --> see alzheimers caregivers

carotid endarterectomy --> see stroke

carpal tunnel syndrome

carsickness --> see motion sickness

cartilage disorders

cat scan --> see diagnostic imaging

cat scratch disease --> see bites and stings


celiac disease

cell phones --> see electromagnetic fields


cerebral palsy

cerebrovascular disease --> see stroke

cervical cancer

cervical spine --> see neck disorders and injuries

cesarean section

cfs --> see chronic fatigue syndrome

chagas disease

charcot-marie-tooth disease

charley horse --> see muscle cramps

chemical weapons

chemotherapy --> see cancer chemotherapy

chest pain --> see angina-pain

chewing tobacco --> see smokeless tobacco


child abuse

child behavior disorders

child day care

child dental health

child development

child mental health

child molestation --> see child sexual abuse

child nutrition

child safety

child sexual abuse


childhood asthma --> see asthma in children

childhood immunization

childhood leukemia --> see leukemia - childhood

childrens health

childrens page


chlamydia infections


cholecystectomy --> see gallbladder diseases

cholelithiasis --> see gallbladder diseases


chondrocalcinisis --> see gout and pseudogout

chondromalacia patellae --> see knee injuries and disorders

choosing a doctor or health care service

chorea --> see movement disorders

chorionic villi sampling --> see prenatal testing

chronic bronchitis --> see bronchitis

chronic fatigue syndrome

chronic granulomatous disease --> see immune system and disorders

chronic obstructive pulmonary disease --> see copd (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

circulatory disorders



cjd --> see creutzfeldt-jakob disease

clap --> see gonorrhea

claudication --> see leg injuries and disorders

cleaning products --> see household poisons

cleft lip and palate

clinical trials


club drugs

cluster headache --> see headache

cocaine abuse

cold sore --> see mouth disorders

cold weather injuries --> see hypothermia

cold - common --> see common cold

colic --> see infant and newborn care

colitis --> see ulcerative colitis

colon cancer --> see colorectal cancer

colonic diseases

colonic polyps

colorectal cancer

colostomy --> see ostomy

coma --> see head and brain injuries

common cold

communicating with your healthcare provider

communication disorders --> see speech and communication disorders

complementary therapy --> see alternative medicine

complex regional pain syndrome --> see reflex sympathetic dystrophy

computed tomography --> see diagnostic imaging

concussion --> see head and brain injuries

confidentiality --> see patient issues

congenital heart disease

congestive heart failure --> see heart failure

conjunctivitis --> see eye diseases

connective tissue disorders


contact dermatitis --> see dermatitis

contact lenses --> see eye wear

contraception --> see birth control

contusions --> see bruises

copd (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

coping with disasters

coronary arteriosclerosis --> see coronary disease

coronary artery bypass graft --> see heart bypass surgery

coronary disease

cosmetic dentistry

cosmetic surgery --> see plastic and cosmetic surgery


costochondritis --> see cartilage disorders


coxsackievirus infections --> see viral infections


crab lice --> see sexually transmitted diseases

crack --> see cocaine abuse

cramps --> see muscle cramps

craniofacial injuries --> see facial injuries and disorders

creutzfeldt-jakob disease

critical care

crohns disease

croup --> see throat disorders


cubital tunnel syndrome --> see elbow injuries and disorders-wrist and arm injuries and disorders

cushings syndrome --> see adrenal gland disorders

cystic fibrosis

cystitis --> see interstitial cystitis

cytomegalovirus infections --> see viral infections

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