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The CSA includes test cases representing the major clinical education programs encountered at medical schools accredited by the LCME in the U.S. These disciplines include:

Internal Medicine Surgery Obstetrics and Gynecology Pediatrics Psychiatry Family Medicine

CSA Case Content Selection The CSA case content area is the universe of clinical symptoms (cases) that will be represented by standardized patients. The selection of clinical cases from the larger pool of CSA content area is guided by the CSA assessment form specification that defines five main content areas:

Cardiovascular/Respiratory Digestive/Genitourinary Neurologic/Psychiatric Constitutional symptoms Miscellaneous (ear, eyes, nose, throat, musculoskeletal)

Common CSA cases We are developing a list of CS cases. Please feel free to add since it is a collaborative work!

41 CSA cases explained in detail (All you need to know before CSA) From

One CS taker had the following cases

a women with dyspareunia ( menopause) and asked me about benefit of HRT
a man with SOB
a man with chest pain
a men with bloody cough
a man with fatigue,concerned about his son with HIV,
a woman with back pain, obese
a woman with frequent urination with ho of UTI
a woman with right flank pain
a young male with epigastalgia and stress at home and work
a woman with dizziness concerned about stroke

Another set of recent CS cases

18 yo male with headache, mother with migraine
20 yo female with difficulties falling asleep and difficulties concentrating
56 yo police leutenant with depression due to concerns about possible AIDS for his homosexual son
66 yo obese female with backpain (herniated disc / osteoporosis)
65 yo female with chestpain (both GERD and AP Hx)
50 yo female with painful sexual intercourse (postmenopausal dryness)
66 yo female with weight loss and pain in LUQ radiating to the left and to the back (mother and brother died of pancreatic carcinoma)
66 yo male with constipation since 3 months and then (since 1 week) diarrhea
45 yo female with painful shoulder
60 yo female with weakness in the right arm and right leg
36 yo female coughing blood


Common Symptoms that you may want to prepare:
abdominal pain
weight problem(loss or gain)
memory loss
chest pain
joint pain
general check up
loss of appetite
constipation/ diarrhea
cough (dry/ productive)
missed periods
trauma (bruise marks painted)
insurance form requesting examination of listed systems(no history)
mom with child (know how to take pediatric history)

Let us solve each CS case so that we learn from each other. As this is a wiki, we can do it in a collaborative way so that it represents the concensus view for the management of the cases.

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