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Common Carrier

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 – In a telecommunications context, a telecommunications company that   holds itself out to the public for hire to provide communications   transmission services. Note: In the United States, such companies   are usually subject to regulation by federal and state regulatory   commissions.   SOURCE: SP 800-53 Common Configuration A SCAP specification that provides unique, common identifiers for Enumeration (CCE) – configuration settings found in a wide variety of hardware and   software products.   SOURCE: SP 800-128 Common Configuration Scoring A set of measures of the severity of software security configuration System (CCSS) – issues.   SOURCE: NISTIR 7502   A SCAP specification for measuring the severity of software security   configuration issues.   SOURCE: SP 800-128 Common Control – A security control that is inherited by one or more organizational   information systems. See Security Control Inheritance.   SOURCE: SP 800-53; SP 800-53A; SP 800-37; CNSSI-4009 Common Control Provider – An organizational official responsible for the development,   implementation, assessment, and monitoring of common controls   (i.e., security controls inherited by information systems).   SOURCE: SP 800-37; SP 800-53A Common Criteria – Governing document that provides a comprehensive, rigorous   method for specifying security function and assurance requirements   for products and systems.  


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