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  • Z signal  - an operating signal used in U.S. and allied communications procedures (ACP-131) and composed of a three-letter combination beginning with the letter Z.
  • zero emission vehicle  - a low or no emission vehicle that produces no carbon or particulate matter.
  • zone  - a foreign-trade zone as provided in this chapter.
  • zone of action  - A tactical subdivision of a larger area, the responsibility for which is assigned to a tactical unit; generally applied to offensive action.
  • zone of fire  - An area into which a designated ground unit or fire support ship delivers, or is prepared to deliver, fire support. Also called ZF.
  • zulu time  - Phonetic for zone Z time. Military time has 24 zones lettered A thru Z, except for I and O. Z or Zulu time is the time in zone Z and is used in date-time-groups (DTG); it corresponds to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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