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Template:Infobox interventions Gastrostomy is the creation of an artificial external opening into the stomach for nutritional support or gastric decompression. Typically this would include an incision in the patient's epigastrium as part of a formal operation. It can be performed through surgical approach, percutaneous approach by interventional radiology, or percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG).

The opening may be used for feeding, such as with a gastrostomy tube.


The Stamm gastrostomy is an open technique,[1] requiring an upper midline laparotomy and gastrotomy, with the catheter brought out in the left hypochondrium. It was first devised in 1894 by the American Gastric Surgeon, Martin Stamm (1847–1918), who was educated greatly in surgery when he visited Germany.[2]Template:Circular reference

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