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Glycemic index of foods by name: I

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Comprehensive list of foods with their glycemic index values. In general, the higher the glycemic index, the higher the chance of sugar rush and crash, leading to overeating, weight gain, and increased risk of insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Insulin resistance causes weight gain

It is important to realize that insulin resistance that affects up to 71 percent of the population in the United States and similar percent of the population in many countries, leads to weight gain and obesity, and not otherway around.

Obesity and insulin resistance

The popular notion that obesity is the cause of insulin resistance is recently disproven and it now is recognized that obesity is a result of the underlying metabolic process caled insulin resistance in most people.

A diet low in glycemic index or glycemic load, with adequate protein, and fiber can help reduce the risk of excess weight gain by reducinginsulin resistance.

The glycemic index is classified in to Low GI or Glycemic Index, medium GI, and high GI based on the glycemic index of foods.

  • Low glycemic index foods have a GI value of 55 or less
  • Medium glycemic Index foods have a GI value of between 56 - 69
  • High glycemic Index foods have a GI value of 70 or more

How do they determine the glycemic index of foods?

The glycemic index is a number obtained by monitoring a persons blood sugar after eating the food which in turn signifies how much of the anabolic hormone, insulin, is needed to utilize the carbohydrate and how quickly does the body has to produce this hormone.

Glycemic index of foods by name


Glycemic index of Foods Starting With Letter I

Description of food item Glycemic Index
Ice cream bar or stick, not chocolate covered or cake covered 61.0
Ice cream soda, chocolate 59.5
Ice cream soda, flavors other than chocolate 64.5
Ice cream with sherbet 51.5
Ice cream, NFS 61.0
Ice cream, regular, chocolate 61.0
Ice cream, regular, flavors other than chocolate 61.0
Ice cream, rich, chocolate 37.0
Ice cream, rich, flavors other than chocolate 38.0
Ice cream, soft serve, chocolate 61.0
Ice cream, soft serve, flavors other than chocolate 61.0
Ice cream, soft serve, NS as to flavor 61.0
Ice pop 68.0
Ice, fruit 59.0
Imitation cheese, American or cheddar type 27.0
Imitation cheese, American or cheddar type, low cholesterol 27.0
Imitation mozzarella cheese 27.0
Injera (American-style Ethiopian bread) 72.0
Instant breakfast, fluid, canned 26.0
Instant breakfast, powder, milk added 26.0
Instant soup, noodle 42.0
Instant soup, noodle with egg, shrimp or chicken 42.0
Instant soup, rice 64.0
Italian dressing, low calorie 50.0
Italian dressing, made with vinegar and oil 50.0
Italian dressing, reduced calorie 50.0
Italian dressing, reduced calorie, fat-free 50.0
Italian pie, meatless 60.0
Italian sausage 28.0

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What went wrong with our diet?

Instead of blaming the victim for obesity, or yourself for obesity, it is important to understand what drives the weight gain, such as insulin resistance that affects up to 71 percent of the entire population out of which 35 percent already have metabolic syndrome.

Confusing choices

With over 20,000 books written on this topic with so much misleading information, let a trained practicing weight loss physician, Dr Prab R. Tumpati,MD educate you on the true science and art of obesity medicine.

Why the food pyramid failed?

The now withdrawn and failed food guide pyramid was a disaster as it advocated a low fat, but glycemic diet that leads to increased risk of insulin resistance which in turn causes weight gain.

Metabolic starvation in the obese

Most people that gain weight are not on a mission to gain weight intentionally. It is the paradoxical metabolic starvation that happens in the obese due to insulin resistance with a compensatory increase in the anabolic hormone called insulin that drives weight gain, hunger and metabolic starvation leading to food cravings, and weight gain!

Ted Talks: Why blaming the obese is blaming the victim?

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