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Thousands of scientific and medical articles have chronicled human understanding of the hazards of asbestos to human life.[1][2] This understanding paralleled the growth of the industrial revolution, particularly in the textile factories and mines of Great Britain. This body of knowledge is frequently referred to in litigation as the state of the art or the benchmark for determining if a company acted within the bounds of negligent behavior. The following is a chronological list of some of the major pre-1950 scientific and medical articles relating to the knowledge of the medical and scientific communities regarding asbestos and disease in humans:

Year Publication
1898 journal= (help); External link in |title= (help)
1912 journal= (help)
1924 Cooke, W.E. (July 26, 1924). "Fibrosis of the Lungs due to the Inhalation of Asbestos Dust". British Medical Journal: 147.
1928 Editorial (1928). "Pulmonary Asbestosis". JAMA. 2. 98: 119–120.
1928 Simpson, F.W. (1929). "Pulmonary Asbestosis in South Africa". British Medical Journal: 885–887.
1929 Haddow, A.C. (August 3, 1929). "Asbestosis". The Lancet: 231.
1929 Wood, W.B. (May 10, 1929). Tubercle: 353–363. Missing or empty |title= (help)
1930 Correspondence, Foreign Letters (June 28, 1930). "Compensation Act to be Extended to Asbestosis". JAMA: 2078.
1930 Mills, R.G. (June 28, 1930). "Report of a Case". Minnesota Medicine: 495–499.
1930 Editorial (1930). "Current Comment, Pulmonary Asbestosis". JAMA. 95 (19): 1431.
1930 Merewether, E.R.A. (May 1930). "The Occurrence of Pulmonary Fibrosis and Other Pulmonary Afflictions in Asbestos Workers". J.Indus.Hyg. 5. 12: 198–257.
1930 "Health and Industrial Hygiene - Pulmonary Asbestosis". Monthly Labor Review. 31: 74–76. 1930.
1930 Gardner, L.U. (1931). "Studies on Experimental Pneumonoconiosis: VI. Inhalation of Asbestos Dust, Its Effect Upon Primary Tuberculosis Infection". J.Indus.Hyg. 2. 13: 65–114.
1930 Gordon, B (June 1931). "Pulmonary Asbestosis". Penn.Med.J. 35: 637–639.
1934 title= (help)
1938 Dreesen (August 1938). "A Study of Asbestos in the Asbestos Textile Industry". U.S. Treasury Dept., Public Health Bulletin: 1–126.
1941 Dublin (1941). "Occupational Hazards and Diagnostic Signs, Bulletin". U.S. Dept. of Labor, Div. of Labor Standards. 41: II, IV, V and 25.
1942 Holleb, H.B. (1942). "Bronchiogenic Carcinoma in Association with Pulmonary Asbestosis". American Journal of Pathology: 123–131.
1944 Wedler, H.W. (1944). "Asbestosis and Pulmonmary Carcinoma". Bulletin of Hygiene. 19: 362.
1944 Editorial (November 25, 1944). "Environmental Cancer". JAMA: 836.
1944 Hutchinson (1944). "Dust as an Industrial Health Hazard". Heating and Ventilating. 41 (6): 57–61.
1946 Fleischer, W.F. (1946). "Health Survey of Pipe Covering Operations in Constructing Naval Vessels". Journal of Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology. 1: 9–16.
1948 journal= (help)
1949 journal= (help)
1949 journal= (help)

Additional references and citations

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  2. Environmental Working Group, List of References regarding asbestos hazards
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