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Mania is a mental disorder characterized by extreme excitement, happiness, overactivity, and agitation; usually refers to the high of the highs and lows experienced in manic- depressive disorder.

Types of manias

Psychological conditions


  • Aboulomania – indecisiveness (aboulo- (Greek) meaning irresolution or indecision)
  • Andromania – human sexual behaviour and desire towards males in females (andro- (Greek) meaning man, men, male or masculine) Can be replaced by hypersexuality, nymphomania, cytheromania or hysteromania.
  • Anglomania – England and a passion or obsession with the English (i.e. anglophile) See also anglophobia.
  • Anthomania – flowers (antho- (Greek) meaning flower)
  • Arithmomania, arithomania – numbers and counting (arithmo- (Greek) meaning number)


  • Bibliomania – books and reading (biblio- (Greek) meaning books)


  • Choreomania, choromania – dancing (choreo- (Greek) meaning dance)



  • Egomania – oneself and self-worship (ego- (Latin) meaning I, first person and singular pronoun)
  • Ergomania, ergasiomania – work (ergasio- or ergo- (Greek) meaning work)
  • Erotomania – sexual desire or sexual attraction from strangers (delusional conviction) (eroto- (Greek) meaning sexual passion or desire)
  • Etheromania – ether (ethero- (Greek > Latin) meaning upper air or sky)
  • Epomania – craze for writing epics
  • Eleutheromania – an intense and irresistible desire for freedom


  • Graphomania – writing (grapho- (Greek) meaning to write)


  • Hippomania – A passion and obsession with horses[1] as well as a madness in horses[2] or passion or obsession with hippopotamuses[3] (hippo- (Greek) meaning horse) See also hippophobia.
  • Hypermania – severe mania—mental state with high intensity disorientation and often violent behavior, symptomatic of bipolar disorder (hyper- (Greek) meaning abnormal excess)
  • Hypomania – mild mania—mental state with persistent and pervasive elevated or irritable mood, symptomatic of bipolar disorder (hypo- (Greek) meaning deficient)









  • Satyromania – excessive, often uncontrollable sexual desire in and behavior by a man (satyr- (Greek > Latin) meaning a woodland deity, part man and part goat; riotous merriment and lechery)




  1. " Entry". - hippomania (n) - a passion for horses Etymology: Greek hippos 'horse' .
  2. "In both cases, the horses’ extreme aggression and their subsequent anthropophagic behaviour were attributed to their madness (hippomania) induced by the custom of feeding them with flesh." -- Yiannis G. Papakostas, Michael D. Daras, Ioannis A. Liappas and Manolis Markianos, "Horse madness (hippomania) and hippophobia". [2005] 16(4) History of Psychiatry 467-471.
  3. Lianne Hart, Hart, Lianne (8 August 2003). "Hippo mania in Texas / Mayor turning town into theme park for big beast". The San Francisco Chronicle. SFGate (California, United States), 8 August 2003.
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