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The following outline is provided as an overview of and a topical guide to nutrition:

Nutrition (also called nutrition science) studies the relationship between diet and states of health and disease. The scope of nutrition science ranges from malnutrition to optimal health. Many common symptoms and diseases can often be prevented or alleviated with better nutrition.

Essence of nutrition

Main article: Nutrition

Branches of nutrition

History of nutrition

Main article: History of nutrition





Amino acids


Saturated fats
Monounsaturated fats
Polyunsaturated fats
Essential fatty acids
Other fats
Fat substitutes


Dietary fiber
Sugar substitutes
  • Artificial sugar substitutes
    • Acesulfame-K
    • Acesulfame potassium – 200× sweetness (by weight), Nutrinova, E950, FDA approved 2003
    • Alitame – 2,000× sweetness (by weight), Pfizer, pending FDA approval
    • Aspartame – 160–200× sweetness (by weight), NutraSweet, E951, FDA approved 1981
    • Cyclamate – 30× sweetness (by weight), Abbott, E952, FDA banned 1969, pending re-approval
    • Dulcin – 250× sweetness (by weight), FDA banned 1950
    • Neohesperidine dihydrochalcone – 1,500× sweetness (by weight), E959
    • Neotame – 8,000× sweetness (by weight), NutraSweet, FDA approved 2002
    • P-4000 – 4,000× sweetness (by weight), FDA banned 1950
    • Saccharin – 300× sweetness (by weight), E954, FDA approved 1958
    • Sucralose – 600× sweetness (by weight), Tate & Lyle, FDA approved 1998
  • Natural sugar substitutes
    • Brazzein – Protein, 2,000× sweetness of sucrose (by weight), Exxx
    • Curculin – Protein, 550× sweetness (by weight), Exxx
    • Erythritol – 0.7× sweetness (by weight), 14× sweetness of sucrose (by food energy), 0.05× energy density of sucrose
    • Fructose
    • Glycyrrhizin – 50× sweetness (by weight)
    • Glycerol – 0.6× sweetness (by weight), 0.55× sweetness (by food energy), 1.075× energy density, E422
    • Hydrogenated starch hydrolysates – 0.4–0.9× sweetness (by weight), 0.5–1.2× sweetness (by food energy), 0.75× energy density
    • Isomalt – 0.45–0.65× sweetness (by weight), 0.9–1.3× sweetness (by food energy), 0.5× energy density, E953
    • Lactitol – 0.4× sweetness (by weight), 0.8× sweetness (by food energy), 0.5× energy density, E966
    • Mabinlin – Protein, 100× sweetness (by weight), Exxx
    • Maltitol – 0.9× sweetness (by weight), 1.7× sweetness (by food energy), 0.525× energy density, E965
    • Mannitol – 0.5× sweetness (by weight), 1.2× sweetness (by food energy), 0.4× energy density, E421
    • Miraculin – Protein, n× sweetness (by weight), Exxx
    • Monellin – Protein, 3,000× sweetness (by weight), Exxx
    • Pentadin – Protein, 500× sweetness (by weight), Exxx
    • Sorbitol – 0.6× sweetness (by weight), 0.9× sweetness (by food energy), 0.65× energy density, E420
    • Stevia – 250× sweetness (by weight)
    • Tagatose – 0.92× sweetness (by weight), 2.4× sweetness (by food energy), 0.38× energy density
    • Thaumatin – Protein, 2,000× sweetness (by weight), E957
    • Xylitol – 1.0× sweetness (by weight), 1.7× sweetness (by food energy), 0.6× energy density, E967




Organic acids


Pyramid groups

Qualities of food

General nutrition concepts

Diets and dieting

Nutrition problems

Behavioral problems

Nutrition politics


Nutrition scholars

Nutrition lists

See also

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