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Paresthesia (pron. /ˌpɛɹɪsˈθiʒə/; paraesthesia in British English, pron. /ˌpæɹɪsˈθiʒə/) is a feeling of tingling, prickling, or numbness with no permanent effects. It is commonly called "pins and needles". This feeling may last a short while, or may be more long-lasting. A long-term effect means there is something wrong with neurons in the body.

An example of this can be felt when sitting cross-legged for a long time and your foot "falls asleep". The tingling feeling you get when you move is paresthesia.


Paresthesia has many known causes, including the following:


Portions of content adapted from Wikipedias article on Paresthesia licensed under GNU FDL.

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