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Information about SLIMQUICK

SLIMQUICK is a popular, proprietary line of multi-ingredient nutritional supplements (MINS) marketed as weight loss products and sold widely in pharmacies and grocery stores as well on the internet.  The major ingredients in the products include green tea extract, caffeine and various herbal, fruit and vegetable extracts. 

Liver safety of SLIMQUICK

There have been rare reports of clinically apparent liver injury in patients taking SLIMQUICK products, the majority of which had clinical features suggestive of green tea hepatotoxicity.

Mechanism of action of SLIMQUICK

SLIMQUICK is a proprietary product name for an array of multi-ingredient herbal and nutritional supplements (MINS) marketed as aids in weight loss.  The SLIMQUICK brand is currently produced by SLIMQUICK Laboratories (Wilmington, DE).  The constituents of the various SLIMQUICK products vary, but the main ingredients are green tea, caffeine and extracts of various botanical agents (Rhodoia rosea, Capsicum annum, Chaste tree, turmeric and ginger) as well as several fruit and vegetable extracts (pomegranate, grape, cocoa, pepper).  The ingredients and their concentrations in some of the products have been modified over time.

Because the products are considered nutritional supplements they are not subject to the usual evaluation of efficacy and safety given to medications.  However, all nutritional supplements are subject to rules regarding purity and good manufacturing practices.  Nutritional supplements are not recommended for specific medical conditions, but can be advertised as being supportive of general health or a specific tissue or organ health.  These multi-ingredient products appear to be generally safe and well tolerated, but prospective studies of their efficacy, tolerance and safety have not been published.  Thus, it is not clear whether use of SLIMQUICK products leads to more weight loss than would occur with diet and exercise and if weight loss occurs, what component of the product is responsible.

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