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Graph COVID-19 Vitamin D deficiency
Alarming graph on COVID-19 Vitamin D deficiency

Wondering what vitamins, and supplements to take to boost your immunity during the pandemic? Did you know that vitamins such as vitamin D3 and Vitamin C play an important your body's ability to fight infections including respiratory infections? A recent meta-analysis that included 11,321 people from 14 countries demonstrated that supplementing with vitamin D decreased the risk of acute respiratory infections (ARI) in both those who were deficient in vitamin D and those with adequate levels.

Vitamin D supplements have also been shown to reduce mortality in older adults, who are most at risk for developing respiratory illnesses like coronavirus infections

Alarming stats:Thanks to the obesity epidemic, as many as 69.5% of the US population is vitamin D deficient putting us at increased risk of infections such as COVID-19

Here is WikiMD's recommendation^.

  • Vitamin D - 20,000 units of vitamin D3 daily for all adults for a period of 4-8 weeks^
  • Vitamin C - 1000 mg of Vitamin C twice daily for all adults^
  • Zinc - 100 mg of Zinc daily for all adults^.
  • Multivitamin - We recommend a multivitamin with minerals once a day for all adults^.

^ Please check with your healthcare provider before taking any vitamins. Children's dose should be proportionate to their weight.

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