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Corona virus outbreak

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Vitamin D

On December 30th, 2019, China reported an outbreak of a potentially serious respiratory illness related to SARS and MERS in the province of Wuhan. It has since affected over 587,000 people not only in China but also spread to many countries in the world including most countries of Europe, United States, Iran, South Korea, Japan, to name a few, leading to not only significant loss of life, but also unprecedented disruptions in global travel, trade, and complete shut down in many countries around the world. Learn more...

Is lack of vitamin D making the COVID-19 unstoppable?

  • Did you know that the coronavirus needs the same receptors that vitamin D uses and if a person is deficient in vitamin D, the virus can not only gain access to the cells but also replicate uncontrollably leading to a much worse outcomes?
  • Did you know that about 42% of the entire population in the United States are deficient in vitamin D, caused in part by the obesity epidemic as the intra-abdominal adiposity that takes up a lot of vitamin D that keeps the population deficient in vitamin D despite supplementation. Learn more

WHO coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation report (world) | CDC’s US COVID-19 report.