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Study:Dietary cholesterol may not raise cardiovascular risk

Although you have long heard that dietary cholesterol is generally not good for the cardiovascular health, you might be surprised to know that high quality, well conducted research studies have shown no relationship between dietary cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Learn more on the high-quality research finds no link to heart disease.

No limit on dietary cholesterol intake - AHA

For a long time, the American Heart Association has recommended low fat, low cholesterol diet based on assumptions and wrongly interpreted observational studies. Now, the same organization agrees with the above research and says there is no numerical recommendation of cholesterol intake from food, as it finds no link between dietary cholesterol and cardiovascular risk. Learn more on why dietary cholesterol is not the same as blood cholesterol.

Did they mislead the world with wrong recommendations?

The wrong information about fat and cholesterol was spread for so long through the now withdrawn food pyramid, as well as many professional societies leading to significantly increased risk of a new problem called insulin resistance leading to problems such as metabolic syndrome that increase belly fat leading to increased inflammation. It is important to recognize that increased inflammation is the root cause of many human diseases including cardiovascular disease. The failed and now withdrawn food pyramid from the USDA that recommended grains and other high gycemic carbohydrates over fats did not help! Learn more...

Failed food pyramid

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