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About SuperMemo

  • Learn up to 10-50 times faster, Compared with traditional methods such as flashcards
  • Powerful repetition spacing algorithms that adapt to your brain
  • Stand-alone application for your PalmOS organizer
  • Indispensable tool for all kinds of professionals and students
  • Easy way to memorize your own facts, numbers, foreign languages, etc.
  • Learn anywhere and anytime you want
  • Extreme portability and unique one-handed stylus-free operation
  • Huge fonts for easy viewing
  • Use up to 128 unique font combinations
  • Unlimited number of databases and categories
  • Beats the notorious PalmOS limit of 16 categories
  • Create your own databases
  • Directly on your handheld or on your PC desktop
  • 65 free ready to use databases available
  • Download them from SuperMemo Knowledge Goldmine
  • Full hardware keyboard support
  • Type new items comfortably like on your desktop
  • Easy to read manual
it's from supermemo homepage

HOWTO create a pdb source file

source to read BEFORE questions
SuperMemo Manual

MAST TO read 20 rules <-- simplify memorization
20 rules of perfect question

HOWTO import text file

Formatting rules

I use to use text format for preparation of my quizz, easy for the web and maintaince, so here we go

/ forward slash mean comment
// double slash in the text means new line
C: category
Q: question
A: answer
3: field reserved for Title 
4: field reserved for URL - references link
5: field empty for now
6: field empty for now

you can omit 5: and 6: wouldn't be any harm

Note every field should be in ONE line, so in the wiki DO NOT format with additional line breaks, or you will get err on database compilation!!!

Text file conversion

Download smconv

  • to create pdb file run in command line
smconv.exe filename (i.e. smconv.exe kaplan.txt)
  • it will create filename.pdb (i.e. kaplan.pdb)
  • install pdb file onto you Palm pilot
  • it will show up in the supermemo databases as "converted filename" (i.e. "converted kaplan.txt")
  • You can create a master database and name it "Kaplan", then rename "converted kaplan.txt" to the "Kaplan"
  • new converted database have fields name like field1 field2 ...

convert it to

field1 -> Q:
field2 -> A:
field3 -> Title:
field4 -> URL:

it will make you life easy when you will be ready to correct templates

  • edit templates (default ones is pretty ugly)
  • when you update you text file and recreate pdb and install it on the palm you may merge the databases,
    • it will picks up template from destination database

Databases Sources

Kaplan Lecture Notes

  1. USMLE Step1 SuperMemo KLN Anatomy
  2. USMLE Step1 SuperMemo KLN Biochemistry
  3. USMLE Step1 SuperMemo KLN Bechavioral Science
  4. USMLE Step1 SuperMemo KLN Microbiology
  5. USMLE Step1 SuperMemo KLN Pathology
  6. USMLE Step1 SuperMemo KLN Pharmacology
  7. USMLE Step1 SuperMemo KLN Physiology

Kaplan QBank

  1. USMLE Step1 SuperMemo KQB Anatomy
  2. USMLE Step1 SuperMemo KQB Biochemistry
  3. USMLE Step1 SuperMemo KQB Bechavioral Science
  4. USMLE Step1 SuperMemo KQB Microbiology
  5. USMLE Step1 SuperMemo KQB Pathology
  6. USMLE Step1 SuperMemo KQB Pharmacology
  7. USMLE Step1 SuperMemo KQB Physiology

Goljan Integrated Pathology Lecture Notes

  1. USMLE Step1 Goljan Integrated Notes
  2. USMLE Step1 Goljan Cell Injury
  3. USMLE Step1 Goljan Inflammation
  4. USMLE Step1 Goljan Fluids and Hemodynamics
  5. USMLE Step1 Goljan Neoplasia
  6. USMLE Step1 Goljan RBC and WBC
  7. USMLE Step1 Goljan Lymphoproliferative
  8. USMLE Step1 Goljan Coagulation
  9. USMLE Step1 Goljan Blood Bank
  10. USMLE Step1 Goljan CardioVascular
  11. USMLE Step1 Goljan Respiratory
  12. USMLE Step1 Goljan GastroIntestinal
  13. USMLE Step1 Goljan HepatoBiliary and Pancreas
  14. USMLE Step1 Goljan STD and Gynecology
  15. USMLE Step1 Goljan Endocrine
  16. USMLE Step1 Goljan MusculoSkeletal
  17. USMLE Step1 Goljan Skin
  18. USMLE Step1 Goljan CNS and Special Senses
  19. USMLE Step1 Goljan Pathology Questions

Misc sources

First Aid

  • UMED have precompiled pdb files by topic
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