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Weight loss centers NJ (C)

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Editor-In-Chief: Prab R. Tumpati M.D.. Founder, WikiMD and W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep and MedSpa Centers. Dr. Tumpati is board certified physician practicing sleep medicine, obesity medicine, aesthetic medicine and internal medicine. Dr. Tumpati’s passion is prevention rather than cure. As a physician with fellowship training in Obesity Medicine, Dr. Tumpati has a unique approach to wellness, weight loss, aesthetics with a focus on prevention rather than cure. Dr. Tumpati believes in educating the public on the true science and art of medicine, nutrition, wellness and beauty. If you live in or around the following towns, and cities in New Jersey, looking for a program to assist you in your efforts to shed some weight, you are at the right place.

Lose weight now
Lose weight now

Diets for weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, there are many plans out there to help you choose from but what is healthy for you and what is a fad diet has to be determined by an experienced weight loss physician

No fad diets

If you end up trying one of those fad diets promising fast results, it may end up harming you as they can limit your nutritional intake, can be unhealthy, and tend to fail in the long run.

Key to a successful weight loss plan in NJ

The key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight isn’t about short-term dietary changes but change in your lifestyle. It’s about a lifestyle that includes healthy eating, regular physical activity, and balancing the calories you consume with the calories your body uses.

Adult obesity statistics CDC
Adult obesity statistics CDC

Weight management and good health

Managing your weight contributes to good health now and as you age.

Benefits of weight loss

Safe ways to help manage your weight include getting optimal sleep, reducing stress, and maintaining healthy eating habits and regular physical activity. This includes eating more fruits and vegetables and walking more in your daily routine. Even a modest weight loss of (say 5 to 10 percent) of your weight is likely to produce health benefits, such as improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugars.

List of weight loss centers - C

Caldwell weight loss

Cedar Grove weight loss

What went wrong with our diet?

Instead of blaming the victim for obesity, or yourself for obesity, it is important to understand what drives the weight gain, such as insulin resistance that affects up to 71 percent of the entire population out of which 35 percent already have metabolic syndrome.

Confusing choices

With over 20,000 books written on this topic with so much misleading information, let a trained practicing weight loss physician, Dr Prab R. Tumpati,MD educate you on the true science and art of obesity medicine.

Why the food pyramid failed?

The now withdrawn and failed food guide pyramid was a disaster as it advocated a low fat, but glycemic diet that leads to increased risk of insulin resistance which in turn causes weight gain.

Metabolic starvation in the obese

Most people that gain weight are not on a mission to gain weight intentionally. It is the paradoxical metabolic starvation that happens in the obese due to insulin resistance with a compensatory increase in the anabolic hormone called insulin that drives weight gain, hunger and metabolic starvation leading to food cravings, and weight gain!

Ted Talks: Why blaming the obese is blaming the victim?

Chatham weight loss

Weight vs habits
Weight vs habits

Cherry Hill weight loss

Cinnaminson weight loss

Aim for a healthy weight
Aim for a healthy weight

Clark weight loss

Clifton weight loss

Colonia weight loss

Colts Neck weight loss





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Insurance weight loss program - serving all of New Jersey

  • W8MD weight loss centers NJ - The W8MD (pronounced WeightMD) weight loss program is a physician weight loss program that accepts all major insurances offering both telemedicine and in person weight loss options with locations in many states. With the telemedicine at home weight loss option, you can be anywhere in New Jersey and lose weight using the popular W8MD medical weight loss center's program. W8MD offers a fully online diet plan with recipes and complete instructions on diet for best weight loss results. Learn more at W8MD weight loss or call (215)676-2334 to learn more.


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