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Welcome to WikiMD! WikiMD is the world's first wiki based medical portal operated entirely by MDs. We are building an open-content Medical encyclopedia in many languages. We started in May 2004 and are now working on 679,017 articles in the English version. Learn how to edit pages, experiment in the sandbox, and visit our Community Portal to find out how you can contribute to WikiMD. You can edit, discuss, set permissions, lock, roll back to a previous state and do a lot more in this revolutionary technology called Wiki!.

Current Projects

Residency Wiki

We are building an open source Encyclopedia and a resource site for Medical Students, Residents and MD's in the wiki environment. A wiki is an ideal tool for collaborative work and is suited best for posting Usmle Exam questions, and for sharing your notes, post Residency Program Requirements, Medical Resources on the internet, developping a concensus, post your articles and publications.


The USMLE stands for United States Medical Licensing Examination which is a three-step examination for medical licensure in the United States. The Three Steps of the USMLE.

Usmle Step1 | Usmle Step2 | Usmle Step3

List of Cases -> CSA&CS | Step3CCS

Usmle Notes

Step 3 Notes or Asters Notes

Open Source Etext Books and Resources

We are building an open source Textbooks in the clinical and preclinical subjects.

Preclinical Subjects

Pathology | Microbiology | Pharmacology | Physiology | Biochemistry |Neuroanamtomy | Anatomy Histology

Clinical Subjects

Medicine | Family Medicine | Pediatrics | Surgery | Psychiatry | OB/GYN | Neurology | Radiology

Health Encyclopedia

A-Z Index of Health Topics

Please join us in building a database of Health Topics indexed A-Z in this wiki. You are allowed to post public domain information from public sites such as CDC-center for Disease Control, NIH - National Institute of Health, or Wikipediaunless the material is specifically copyrighted. Alphabetical Index of Health Topics

New to Wiki?

A wiki is a community site where users can edit the content. It is simple, easy and fun to learn! It is an environment where users can edit pages as they want adding information, links, lists and images that they find useful, you can use a Wiki as a feature of a users community, a club, a fan site, etc. The most important elements in the Wiki are the Wiki pages. You will see a menu on the pages with several options and one of them will be “edit”, when you click “edit” you are able to edit the page that you are watching, you can try editing a page and writing some text on it. Use the “preview” feature as many times as you need it before clicking “save”. Please try our SandBox to get used to the concept of WIKI and to test your skills. For an example of what a wiki can be, please visit wikipedia, which has grown to more than 2,50,000 pages in 3 years.

Sand Box

Try your editing skills in our Sand Box. It is easy and fun!

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