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Cross-Platform Representation
Cross-Platform Representation

The WikiMD Cross Platform project aiming to create a seamless viewing experience from your mobile devices to your desktop computers.

Why add cross platform support?

Cross platform support will make the WikiMD more accessible and allow more people to access medical information. In order to do this, the website must be available offline.


There are many different ways to implement a cross platform solution to allow more people to have access WikiMD.

Building an Application

This solution is the most obvious yet most difficult solution to create an app. Building an application would allow WikiMD to fully optimize the wiki to a mobile device. This is the most likley long-term solutions.

Progressive Web App

An alternative to an application, a progressive web app would allow the WikiMD site to adapt to the device it is begin displayed on. This would allow for the cite to be locally cashed on a mobile device and be viewed offline.

Web-view App

This type of application would display the current WikiMD site in a browser like environment. The only difference would be that the user would not be able to directly change the web address displayed in the address bar. This would not allow for offline viewing and the difference between this and the current mobile experience would not be heavily altered. This solution would not allow for offline viewing, so it is therefore only temporary

Current Status

Currently, much of the project is still in the planning phase, and there are no current plans to release an application in the near future.

Any Suggestions: Talk about them in the Discussion tab.

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