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'''Addiction''' is when the [[body]] or [[mind]] badly wants or needs something in order to work right. When you have addiction to something it is called being ''addicted'' or being an ''addict''. People can be addicted to [[drug]]s, [[cigarette]]s, [[alcohol]], [[caffeine]], and many other things.
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#REDIRECT[[substance abuse]]
When somebody is addicted to something, they can become sick if they do not get the thing they are addicted to. But taking more of the thing they are addicted to can also hurt their health. Some people who are addicts need to go to a [[Medical doctor|doctor]] or [[hospital]] to cure the addiction, so they no longer crave (want or need) the drug.
Addiction takes place when the addictive element enters the body.  The [[blood stream]] moves the element around the body so that it gets to the brain, and makes the person feel that they are enjoying it; then they want more of that substance. This takes place remarkably fast for some addictions such as [[hashish]] and [[cocaine]]; but all of them control the consumer. Once under this control, the consumer does not have a completely [[free will]], and listens to the addiction's bidding.
People can also be addicted to other things which are not drugs. You may hear people talk about being "addicted to the [[Internet]]" or "addicted to [[chocolate]]" or [[gambling]]. This means that they get into a habit of enjoying that thing, so if they have to go without it for a while, they miss it a lot.
Addiction is similar to a major disease like chronic heart disease or perhaps diabetes, but addictions are not taken as seriously as these major diseases. Most people believe addiction to be a lifestyle choice, which in fact it is but it is also part of a person's genetics. While some people can do things and control themselves others cannot due to their genetic makeup. There are ways of helping the addict but this takes the admission of a problem and then proper testing to reveal what kind of treatment is needed.
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