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Aviva method is a physical exercise system that is developed to stimulate the related glands for optimal oestrogen/progesterone/testosterone secretion. The naturally healthy level of these hormones follows a cyclic curve for ladies and stady for men. The name of the method is given by its developer, Aviva Gabriella Steiner, a Hungarian origin Israeli ballet dancer and PE teacher.

Benefits of Aviva Method

Aviva instructors claim to have good results[1] with slack pelvic floor, PCOS, irregular menstruation cycle and menstrual problems, fertility,[2] fibroids, ovarian cysts, menopausal syndromes, blocked ovarian tubes, sperm count and quality, etc.


AVIVA Method was developed by the Hungarian origin Israeli AVIVA Gabriella Steiner after 28 years of research and experiment. She’s brought up by parents, whom, active in sport, taught her to rely on the curing effect of physical movements in case of any health problems. She always believed that as we can control bowel movement and release of urine, it is possible to control the female periodic cycle. She learnt everything about movements as a student of Gertrud Kraus, the world famous Israeli ballet dancer, then as a ballerina in the Opera House of Tel Aviv, later as a physiotherapist at the Medical University and in the Hadassah University Clinic. Finally, between 1966 and 69 when teaching gymnastic and health restoring exercises for women of 40plus, she could successfully find the key for her exercise system. The discovery happened when her exercises resulted in menstruation for even those in the group who thought to pass menopause. Gabriella Steiner then crystallized her technique until she, together with the practicing person, could achieve these results consistently, and she built a series of exercises consisting out of 18 dance looking like steps. Toma Ŝik,[3] an Israeli pacifist, brought the method out from Israel around 1997. Later on, one of Aviva Gabriella Steiner’s students, a Hungarian yoga instructor and PE teacher, Livia Toth combined the method with diet and reached good results with several feminine health problems. Based on the Aviva Method Adelheid Ohlig developed Luna Yoga.


All the basic 18 steps are equally important. Practicing them in a row takes 30 minutes and recommended to do so twice a week, unless any particular problem directs it otherwise. During exercising the so-called "Working Zone" gets the most attention.

Working Zone

The so-called Working Zone is the lower part of Powerhouse in the terminology of Pilates. It has to contract and lose actively throughout all the steps. The fast movements stimulate blood flow that will carry more hormones, minerals/electrolytes, vitamins, oxygen and information to the relevant glands. This will result in a healing process in harmony of the nature of human body regardless of the symptoms; hence it optimizes the hormone level according to the biological programming of the body.


Some of the steps, especially when practiced with great force, can result in miscarriage, therefore it’s not recommended during pregnancy.

Legal Action

Aviva Method instructors can be trained only by special Aviva Trainers holding the appropriate certificate. Because it may result in early menstruation for young girls, the Aviva steps are not meant to be shown on DVD’s, YouTube or any other moving record.



Featured disease

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of the most dangerous heart attack risk factors: diabetes and prediabetes, abdominal obesity, high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Affects one in three adults

Affecting about 35 percent of all adults in the United States according to the CDC, metabolic syndrome contributes to weight gain, by causing a state of internal starvation called metabolic starvation. This in turn leads to increases hunger, sugar cravings and increased portions leading to overeating and weight gain.

Cause and effect misunderstood

Since we traditionally thought that the portion control (which in turn was attributed wrongly to poor will power)is the cause of weight gain, rather than the effect of this metabolic starvation, all our traditional ideas about cause and effect of obesity were not only wrong but lead to the “blame the victim” attitude when it comes to obesity.

Secret of weight gain revealed

Secret of weight gain, and metabolic syndrome revealed - it has been recently proven that metabolic syndrome, and the weight gain itself are caused by a process called insulin resistance. Check your metabolic syndrome risk using the free Metabolic syndrome meter. Watch this amazing Ted Med video that reveals the secret of weight loss - Stop blaming the victim for obesity


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