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Bulimia is a disorder in which a person eats large amounts of food then forces vomiting or uses laxatives to prevent weight gain (called binging and purging)

Articles on Bulimia

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Articles on Bulimia

Govt. Policies / Guidelines
  1. Most recent articles
  2. Most cited articles
  3. Review articles
  4. in N Eng J Med, Lancet, BMJ
  1. US National Guidelines Clearinghouse
  2. NICE Guidance
  3. FDA on Bulimia
  4. CDC on Bulimia

Media articles Bulimia

Patient Resources / Community
  1. Slides
  2. Images
  3. Podcasts & MP3s
  4. Videos
  5. Instagram
  6. Reddit on Bulimia
  1. Patient Resources
  2. Discussion groups
  3. Patient Handouts
  4. Doctors Bulimia
  5. Risk calculators & risk factors

Evidence Based Medicine

Healthcare Provider Resources
  1. Cochrane Collaboration
  2. Bandolier
  3. TRIP
  4. Edidence Based Medicine
  1. Condition/symptom
  2. Causes & Risk Factors
  3. Tests/studies
  4. Treatment

Clinical Trials

News on Bulimia
  1. Ongoing Clinical Trials
  2. Trial results
  3. Clinical Trials at Google
  1. Bulimia in the news
  2. Be alerted on news
  3. News trends

Definition of Bulimia

Flickr on Bulimia
  1. Definitions
  1. Flickr on Bulimia

Books on the topic

Facebook and Tumblr posts Bulimia
  1. Books on Bulimia
  2. Amazon on Bulimia
  1. Facebook posts - Bulimia
  2. Tumblr posts - Bulimia

Continuing medical education (CME)

Tweets about Bulimia
  1. CME Programs on Bulimia
  1. Twitter tweets - Bulimia
Pinterest and Twitter #Bulimia Commentary & Blogs Bulimia
  1. Pins on Bulimia
  2. #Bulimia
  1. Blogs on Bulimia
  2. Commentary of Bulimia
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