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Amazing facts you did not know on health, weight loss and wellness!

Obesity in Numbers

  • With 2/3 of Americans being obese or overweight, the need is enormous to find a solution to weight management.
  • Approximately 25 million U.S. children are obese or overweight. Rates of childhood obesity have more than tripled since 1980.
  • Two-thirds, more than 190 million Americans are overweight or obese.
  • Obesity-related diseases are a $147 billion dollar medical burden every year.
  • Childhood obesity has tripled in the last thirty years.
  • Rates of adult obesity now exceed 20 percent in 49 states and D.C, and 25 percent in 40 states. In 1991, rates did not exceed 20 percent in a single state.

Obesity News

In September, 2014, the US FDA approved a new weight loss drug, Contrave within 3 years of approving Qsymia and Belviq.