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Changing behavior is not as easy as most people think and involves multiple steps or changes.

The steps involved in changing the behavior are the following:

  • Contemplation phase of behavior change
  • Preparation phase of behavior change
  • Action phase of behavior change
  • Maintenance phase of behavior change

Causes and consequences of starchy, cereal based diet

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Why exercise alone is useless for weight loss?

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If you are trying to lose weight, in addition changing your behavior, it is also important to understand the causes of weight gain and work with proven measures to lose weight.

Step up to healthy habits for weight loss and wellness.

  • Get a hundred and fifty to three hundred minutes of moderately intense or vigorous physical activity weekly.
  • Brisk walks, tennis, swimming, soccer, basketball, hikes, hula-hula hoops—do whatever you enjoy best.
  • Strengthen your muscles at least double every week.
  • Do push-ups or pull-ups, lift weights, do significant gardening, or work with rubber resistance bands.
  • Eat a lot of of these foods:
  • fruits and vegetables
  • whole-grain breads and cereals>
  • fat-free or low-fat dairy
  • seafood, lean meats, and eggs
  • beans, nuts, and seeds
  • Limit these foods and drinks:
  • sugar-sweetened drinks and desserts
  • foods made with butter or other fats that ar solid at temperature refined grains (bread, chips, and crackers)

If you are overweight or obese, finding a weight loss program that works with you to help you lose weight using proven measures is something to consider given the significant health risks of being overweight or obese.


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