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This template goes in the "External links" section, after the list of external links. It is intended to be used with {{Infobox medical condition}} for the purpose of displaying parameters and data that is important, but not relevant to the average reader. It can also be used with {{Infobox medical intervention (new)}}.

Some parameter's labels may automatically populated from Wikidata.

Please note: because the external link used by each resource template will act as its own reference, there is no requirement for further verifiability within this template. (Any reference provided will also fail to populate the article Reference list and create a (second) separate list at the very bottom of the article.)


[[d:Lua error in Module:WikidataIB at line 2616: attempt to index field 'wikibase' (a nil value). |D]]
External resources
{{Medical resources
| ICD11           = <!--{{ICD11|Xxx.x}}-->
| ICD10           = <!--{{ICD10|Xxx.x}}-->
| ICD10CM         = <!--{{ICD10CM|Xxx.xxxx}}-->
| ICD9            = <!--{{ICD9|xxx}}-->
| ICDO            = 
| OMIM            = 
| DiseasesDB      = 
| Curlie          = 
| MedlinePlus     = 
| eMedicineSubj   = 
| eMedicineTopic  = 
| PatientUK       =
| MeshID          = 
| GeneReviewsNBK  = 
| GeneReviewsName = 
| NORD            = 
| GARDNum         = 
| GARDName        = 
| Orphanet        = 
| AO              = 
| RP              = 
| WO              = 
| OrthoInfo       = 
| NCI             = 
| Scholia         = 
| SNOMED CT       =


As a rule of thumb:

  1. Insert the empty version
  2. Click "Show preview" to see which sources are automatically pulled from Wikidata
  3. (Optional) If you know more codes, IDs, etc; add them in the template using their named parameter. Alternatively, consider adding them to the article's "Wikidata item", so that all versions of Wikipedia will automatically benefit.


Adding an empty version of the template relies wholly on Wikidata: {{Medical resources}}

Selective suppression

You can suppress parameters with blank parameters or local knowledge. This method is also reliant wholly on Wikidata, except the suppressed or overwritten parameters:

  • Blank parameter: {{Medical resources |PatientUK= |MeshID= |NCI=}}
  • Local knowledge override: {{Medical resources |MeshID=D000001}}
  • Combination it is possible to combine these to suppress some and locally override others: {{Medical resources |PatientUK= |MeshID=D000001 |NCI=}}


The full list of parameters is as follows (may not be up-to-date) : {{{Medical resources | ICD10=Xxx.x |ICD10CM=Xxx.xxxx |ICD9=xxx |ICDO=Mxxxx/x |OMIM=x.xx |DiseasesDB=x.xx |MedlinePlus=x.xx |eMedicineSubj=x.xx |MedicineTopic=x.xx |MeshID=D000001 |GeneReviewsNBK=x.xx |GeneReviewsName=x.xx |NORD=x.xx |GARDNum=x.xx |GARDName=x.xx |Orphanet=x.xx |AO=x.xx |RP=x.xx |WO=x.xx |OrthoInfo=x.xx |NCI=x.xx |Scholia=x.xx |SNOMED CT=xxx}}

Table of parameters, labels, and search tools

The following data sources are accepted (may not be up-to-date):

Parameter Label Nested template Wikipedia article Search Remarks WD linked?
ICD10= ICD-10 {{ICD10}} ICD-10 [1] WHO's version of the ICD-10. Paramater must not be used to add codes that are only found in a national varient such as ICD-10 AM or ICD-10 CM No
ICD10CM= ICD-10-CM {{ICD10CM}} ICD-10 Clinical Modification [2] The US version of ICD-10. Many codes found therein are not found in the base classification, as such the {{ICD10CM}} template must be used in favor of the {{ICD10}} template No
ICD9= ICD-9-CM {{ICD9}} ICD-9-CM [3] ICD-9 and ICD-9-CM have been retired. Don't go out of your way to add these codes. No
ICDO= ICD-O {{ICDO}} International Classification of Diseases for Oncology No
OMIM= OMIM {{OMIM}} Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man [4] No
DiseasesDB= DiseasesDB {{DiseasesDB}} Diseases Database [5] No
MedlinePlus= MedlinePlus {{MedlinePlus}} MedlinePlus [6] No
eMedicineSubj= eMedicine EMedicine [7] eMedicine article Subject reference. Multiple items possible by numbering tags eMedicine1, eMedicine2 etc. No
eMedicineTopic= eMedicine (as above) eMedicine article Topic reference. Multiple items possible by numbering tags eMedicine1, eMedicine2 etc. No
PatientUK= Patient UK Patient UK [8] Yes
MeshID= MeSH Medical Subject Headings [9] Yes
GeneReviewsNBK= GeneReviews GeneReviews [10] No
GeneReviewsName= GeneReviews (as above) No
NORD= NORD National Organization for Rare Disorders [11] No
GARDNum= GARD Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center [12] No
GARDName= GARD (as above) No
Orphanet= Orphanet {{Orphanet}} Orphanet [13] No
AO= AO Foundation Müller AO Classification of fractures [14] No
RP= Radiopedia Radiopedia [15] Radiopaedia article link No
WO= Wheeless textbook (None) [16] Wheeless Online article link No
NCI= NCI National Cancer Institute [17] Yes
Scholia= Scholia wikidata:Wikidata:Scholia [18] No

Adding new parameters

(This in information is for template editors)

When adding new parameters that are linked to Wikidata there are a couple of pre-defined parameter sets for the {{wdib}} wrapper, which group commonly defined parameters.

Parameter set 1, |ps=1, has the following presets

       rank = "best"
       fetchwikidata = "ALL"
       onlysourced = "no"
       noicon = "true"

Parameter set 2, |ps=2, has the following presets

       rank = "best"
       fetchwikidata = "ALL"
       onlysourced = "no"
       noicon = "true"
       linked = "no"
       plaindate = "true"

Tracking categories