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Nutrition is a vast topic and encompasses many aspects of our food and diet. Here are some basic principles you can use for weight loss while at the same time providing the nutrients the body needs.

As the epidemic of overweight status and obesity spreads around the world, including many developing countries, it has been increasingly important to understand healthy nutrition. Unfortunately, most government efforts including the failed food pyramid from the USDA have made things worse by spreading erroneous information as science.

The most important principle to understand, when it comes to eating healthy, is to understand what happens to the food and the body after we consume it and what responses it triggers. The current diet has been skewed heavily toward low fat, but high glycemic index foods which unfortunately lead to sugar rush and crash leading to overeating, and weight gain. They also increase the risk of health problems such as metabolic syndrome, prediabetes, and type 2 diabetes due to the insulin resistance it causes.

Here are some tips for healthier food choices that can help in healthy weight or in your efforts at losing weight when combined with other measures for [;weight loss]].

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Weight loss tip 1

Start the day right with eating healthy protein based breakfast with low glycemic foods.

Weight loss tip 2

Cooking more at home is important because we tend to eat up to 40 percent more while eating out.

Weight loss tip 3

Increase wanter intake and drink up to 8 glasses of water a day to keep the kidneys functioning properly.

Weight loss tip 4

Eat healthy low glycemic protein based snacks, fresh vegetables, and fruits. You need about 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, each serving being half a cup.

Weight loss tip 5

Go whole grain when using grain based foods and try to limit overall grain intake as humans are not fully adapted to eating a high grain or cereal based diet. Watch the following video on how cereal grains can be termed humanities doubled edged sword.

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Weight loss tip 6

go ‘low glycemic’ and low saturated fat by reducing unhealthy red meats, and go organic. If the farm animals or fowl are raised on a diet rich in corn and other starches, the saturated fat content of these meats increases significantly. Look for pastured eggs, pastured chicken, grass fed beef with lean cuts etc.

Weight loss tip 7

Increase intake of healthy low calorie soups that can fill you up.

Weight loss tip 8

Avoid skipping meals and eating larger subsequent meals. If you skip meals and go hungry, it can make your cravings worse and put you in to a state of metabolic starvation.

Weight loss tip 9

Take a break in the middle of eating and say I will come back to it. Never eat until full but only until somewhat satisfied.

Weight loss tip 10

Reduce overall portion size as larger plate size, or portion size tends to lead to overeating.

Weight loss tip 11

Start the day right with protein. Always have a protein based break fast such as the following:

1. Boiled egg with whole grain toast and reduced-fat spread

Eggs are a good source of protein, minerals and vitamins. The lecithin in eggs has many health benefits and the cholesterol is not a major concern as studies have shown that the benefits fat outweigh the risk from slight cholesterol. In fact, our overemphasis on low fat, low cholesterol foods is what lead to the raise of insulin resistance which in turn causes metabolic starvation, overeating, metabolic syndrome and worsening of even the cholesterol profiles by way of the cholesterol production stimulating effect of insulin on the liver. When one eats a high starchy, high glycemic food, it is believed to lead to compensatory increase in the body building hormone called insulin which in turn leads to weight gain.

Choose wholegrain or multigrain bread or other low glycemic or protein based diet.

  • 1 large egg = 78 Cal 2
  • Thin slices of toast with reduced-fat spread = 206 Cal with total calories of only about 284 Cal
  • Never start the day with a starchy, high glycemic foods such as cheerios, donuts, corn flakes, or other starchy foods that lead to sugar rush and crash leading to overeating.

Weight loss tip 12

Do not confuse healthy eating as weight loss eating. If your goal is losing weight, you need to consider proven measures for weight loss and not just eat healthy which is for maintenance.

In order to lose weight, you would need very low calorie diet or low calorie diet with other proven measures to lose weight such as weight loss pills to suppress appetite, exercise, and correction of insulin resistance.

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