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Welcome to WikiMD is a free wiki based medical encylcopedia and medical wiki community. I am a current resident in Internal Medicine in Philadelphia, PA and I started this wiki with a goal to build an open source and free medical encyclopedia the collaborative Wiki technology. In addition to being a medical professional, I am also a techology enthusiast,having learnt several softwares and started websites like believerscafe, residentscafe and wikichristian.

Why another wiki? It is found by various surveys that upto 60% of the people online have used the internet for accessing medical information. The wiki provides a wonderful opportunity to provide upto date information and links on any topic of interest in medicine and be a wiki forum for discussions and for forming patient support groups. While there are great wiki projects like for developping general encyclopedia's, there is no dedicated medical wiki project, to the best of my knowledge. I feel that both the medical community and the general public interested in medical information can interact in a wiki platform to share the latest ideas and trends in medical knowledge. As this is a collaborative effort, it can only be made possible by participation from users like you! Remember that "when you cast your bread on the waters with faith, it will return one day back to you with butter on top of it".

WikiMD is currently looking for people interested in devolopping this project further and make this a lively wiki community on the internet. As a medical resident and administrator of several other websites like I am technology enthusiast, having taught myself many of the softwares involved in web building. Having started successful websites like Residentscafe, a popular website for residents and residency applicants, Believerscafe with over 35,000 pages and, I am looking for partners in this project that would take this idea to the next level.

If you are interested in becoming a sysop user with administrative previleges or have any ideas to improve or work together in this project, please feel free to contact me at prab at residentscafe dot com.

-Prab R Tumpati, MD

Philadelphia, PA, USA.

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