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Amanda Beanca Conrad
Years active2012 - till date.
Medical career
ProfessionHealthcare provider
InstitutionsHealthaccess Inc.
Sub-specialtiesClinical social worker

Amanda Beanca Conrad is a female healthcare provider that graduated in 2012

Primary specialty

Clinical social worker

Secondary Specialty

What do clinical social workers (CSW) do?

Clinical Social workers (CSW) help people deal with and solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives. Social workers work in mental health clinics, schools, child welfare and human service agencies, hospitals, settlement houses, community development corporations, and private practices.

Clinical Social Worker

Social workers help with many aspects including:

  • Identify people and communities in need of help
  • Assess clients’ needs, situations, strengths, and support networks to determine their goals
  • Help clients adjust to changes and challenges in their lives, such as illness, divorce, or unemployment
  • Research, refer, and advocate for community resources including food stamps, childcare, and healthcare to assist and improve a client’s well-being
  • Respond to crisis situations such as child abuse and mental health emergencies
  • Follow up with clients to ensure that their situations have improved
  • Maintain case files and records
  • Develop and evaluate programs and services to ensure that basic client needs are met
  • Provide psychotherapy services

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Provider NPI and PAC

The provider's NPI is 1659817211. The provider's Medicare PAC ID: 143651927

Work organization

Healthaccess Inc. 5395658322

Contact information

2610 Stantonsburg Rd Greenville North Carolina 278342800. Phone:2528472273

Hospital affiliations


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