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Dallas (dăl′ĭs)

Dallas is a term that is primarily used to refer to a city located in the U.S. state of Texas. However, in the context of medical terminology, Dallas is not directly associated with any specific medical term or condition.


The term Dallas is pronounced as dăl′ĭs.


The term Dallas is of Old English origin, derived from the elements 'dael' meaning 'valley' and 'leah' meaning 'wood, clearing'. It was originally a surname before being used as a place name.

Related Terms

  • Texas: The U.S. state where Dallas is located. Texas has a significant impact on healthcare policy and medical research in the United States.
  • Healthcare: The organized provision of medical care to individuals or a community. Dallas is home to several renowned healthcare institutions.
  • Medical Research: The study of health conditions to develop new treatments. Dallas is a hub for medical research in the United States.
  • Public Health: The science of protecting and improving the health of people and their communities. Dallas has several public health initiatives and organizations.

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