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As the COVID 19 pandemic has shown, it is important and vital to provide up to date health, wellness, and prevention information accessible in their native language to protect, and improve the overall health and well being of the populations of the world.

Become an editor at WikiMD

If you are a trained healthcare provider such as a physician, physician assistant, nurse, or any other person in the vast field of healthcare with knowledge or expertise, or you are an educated person willing to help spread scientific information, we need your help either as a volunteer or as a compensated contributor.

Call for paid editors

If you think you can help, please message one of the editors such as Prab expressing your interest, with a paragraph about who you are, and what areas you would like to contribute, whether you are willing to volunteer or looking for compensation. All medical students, residents, fellows and practitioners of the various arts of medicine are encouraged to become editors.

Who qualifies to be considered as a paid contributor

Users that have been registered for at least one month, and have made a minimum of 100 meaningful edits on a volunteer basis will be eligible to apply to be considered for a paid contributor. The compensation will be discussed and individualized based on the persons experience and skill set.


For those WikiMD editors that are accepted as a paid editors, the compensation varies from $1.00 to a minor edit to $100.00 for a full fledged article with references decided solely at the discretion of the WikiMD senior editors. Please note that not edits will qualify for compensation and there is no expressed or implied guarantee that your edits will be compensated.

What differentiates WikiMD from Wikipedia?

Unlike Wikipedia, WikiMD articles and the information is reviewed by a trained and licensed physician and or other healthcare professionals as you cannot trust amateurs with your life! Join us in this effort!

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Physicians per 1000 people
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