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York (Medical Term)

York (/jɔːrk/) is not a recognized term in the medical field. However, it may refer to the city of York in England, which has a significant history in the field of medicine.


The name "York" is of Viking origin, derived from the Old Norse 'Jórvík'. While not directly related to medicine, the city has a rich history of medical advancements and institutions.

Related Terms

  • York Medical Society: An organization based in York, England, that promotes the advancement of medical knowledge and the professional development of its members.
  • York Hospital: A large National Health Service (NHS) hospital in York, England. It provides a range of acute and specialist services.
  • York Health Economics Consortium: A company owned by the University of York that provides consultancy and research in health economics to the NHS, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
  • University of York: The University of York's Department of Health Sciences is one of the UK's leading health sciences departments for research and teaching.

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