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"The IF Diet" is a book by Robert Skinner which uses various research based forms of intermittent fasting to improve weight loss and health markers. Programs schedule fasts of two days from every seven (5:2 method), every other day (alternate-day method), or for a third of each day (8 hour method).[1]

Although many of the scientific claims supporting the effectiveness of intermittent fasting are based on animal research, Skinner references human studies carried out by Dr Krista Varady at the University of Illinois at Chicago.[2]

Unlike relying on outright, alternate or two day caloric restriction, Skinner also highlights a "Thirder Plan", a short-term fast where daily food is exclusively consumed within one third of a 24 hour day (i.e. during an 8 hour gap), citing evidence supported by the findings of Professor Satchidananada Panda at the renowned Salk Institute for Biological Studies. Panda's research, published in the peer reviewed journal Cell, demonstrated that such a plan was highly effective in reducing body fat in mice (28% drop), despite not restricting the quantity or quality of food consumed within the 8 hour time frame.[3]


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