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Finding a doctor that accepts your insurance, has experience, with good ratings, and bed side manners, with available appointments and accepting new patients without months of waiting lists is not an easy task. By using the power of technology, including artificial intelligence, Medicine GPt can help make choosing the doctor easy.

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WikiMD's World Directory of Doctors

Finding the right physician who aligns with your insurance, possesses extensive experience, and has excellent patient reviews and bedside manners can be daunting. is a crucial ally in this search. By leveraging innovative technology and artificial intelligence, simplifies the process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

World Directory of doctors

Embracing Modern Solutions: uses cutting-edge technology to streamline the search for top medical professionals.

Global Directory of Esteemed Doctors: An extensive directory, showcases medical expertise from the United States and beyond, highlighting doctors' credentials and specialties.

Discovering Medical Expertise: The site offers in-depth profiles, providing insights into each doctor's medical background and contributions to healthcare.

Find classmates If you really want to connect with a healthcare provider, there is no better way to get them excited than to talk about their medical school classmates! WikiMD is one the few free resources that brings in the classmates for healthcare providers so you can start an interesting and engaging conversation with the provider! See a a sample.

Amazing facts

Human Body

  1. The acid in the stomach is strong enough to dissolve zinc.
  2. Bones are four times stronger than concrete.
  3. The human body produces enough saliva in a lifetime to fill two swimming pools.
  4. The nose can recognize and remember 50,000 different scents.
  5. In 30 minutes, the human body gives off enough heat to bring a gallon of water to the boil.
  6. There are 45 miles of nerves in the body.
  7. More than half of the bones in the human body are found in our hands and feet.

Did you know?

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  • The human body has enough carbon to fill 1,000 pencils.
  • Our hearts pump 2,000 gallons of blood each day.
  • Humans sneeze at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.
  • Up to 60% of the human adult body is water.
  • Humans have a daily water intake requirement: about 3 liters for adult males and 2.2 liters for adult females.
  • There are 30 trillion red blood cells in the human body.
  • An extensive network of 60,000 miles of blood vessels runs through the body.
  • The human heart beats more than 30 million times a year.

Each fact demonstrates the remarkable nature of our bodies and the intricacies of human health. For more detailed information, the internal links will guide you to dedicated articles within the knowledge base.

List of doctors (US) by state

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WikiMD provides a comprehensive directory of over 1 million doctors, encompassing both primary care physicians and specialists across all the states and territories of the United States. The extensive database is meticulously organized by state and territory, offering a user-friendly interface where the information can be sorted based on any column header within the interactive table. For convenience, an area map is integrated, featuring clickable regions that direct you to the respective state or territory to assist you in finding doctors. This resource is designed to facilitate easy navigation and efficient access to information about healthcare professionals nationwide.

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