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You might have an abdominoplasty if you want to remove sagging fat and loose skin, and repair any separated muscles in the abdomen.



It is usually done as a cosmetic procedure.


The purpose of the abdominoplasty is to improve the cosmetic appearance of a flabby or bulging belly.

Causes of flabby belly

Flabby belly and lose skin can be cause by many things including ageing, pregnancies, ascites, tumour, or rapid weight loss.

Other causes

  • correct abnormalities after a disease or surgery, such as removal of large pelvic tumours
  • fix structural defects of the abdomen
  • correct abnormalities caused by obesity
  • improve the contour of the abdomen after hernia repair.


An apronectomy is another operation sometimes done in addition to an abdominoplasty. It involves removing a hanging 'apron' of abdominal fat that can cover the genitals, make personal hygiene difficult and cause ongoing skin irritation.


Abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthesia



  • The surgeon will make a cut in the fold under the belly, near the bikini line.
  • Skin is also cut around the belly button.
  • A large area of fat and skin are then pulled away from the muscle.
  • The surgeon tightens the abdominal muscles in the belly.
  • The skin is then stretched downward.
  • Extra skin and fat are trimmed away.
  • A new hole will be cut for the belly button.
  • The opening will then be closed with stitches.

Who performs abdominoplasty surgery?

  • Cosmetic surgeons or general surgeons


  • After surgery, there may be some pain and discomfort that can last for several days.
  • Resting with the legs and hips bent will put less stress on the belly.
  • The remaining scar will fade with time.

If you are thinking about an abdominoplasty

  • Many people people feel a great deal of pressure to appear perfect.
  • This operation might improve your appearance and possibly your quality of life.
  • But it is major surgery, and not suitable for everyone.
  • If you are obese, think about whether you have done all you can without surgery.
Plastic surgery
Plastic surgery

If you have recently given birth, it can take a long time to get your abdominal muscles in shape again.

Does not help with weight regain

Although abdominoplasty is done after weight loss, having an abdominoplasty will not prevent you from regaining weight.


Other names

  • Tummy tuck
  • Mommy makeover
  • Mini tummy tuck
  • Paniculectomy


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