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(as-e'-tik) [acetum, vinegar]. Pertaining to acetum or vinegar; sour. See Acid, Acetic.

A. Acid Amid. See Acetamid. A. Acid Esters. See Methyl Acetate and Ether, Acetic. A. Acid Salts. 1. Readily soluble crystalline salts formed from the bases. 2. Basic salts formed from iron, aluminium, lead, and copper; sparingly soluble in water. 3. Alkali salts, which have the property of combining with a molecule of acetic acid to produce acid salts. A. Aldehyd. See under Aldehyd. A. Anhydrid, C 4 H 6 O s , a colorless, mobile liquid, highly refractive, and with an odor of acetic acid. Sp. gr. 1.080 at 15 C; boils at i36°-i38° C. Syn., Acetyl oxid; Acetic oxid; socalled Anhydrous acetic acid.


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