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Example of neoplasms - appendix
Example of neoplasms - appendix


A neoplasm, is also called tumor and is any abnormal mass of tissue that grow and divide more than they should or do not die when they should.

Types of neoplasms

A neoplasm can be benign (non-cancerous or malignant or cancerus.

Benign neoplasms

Benign neoplasms may grow large but do not spread into, or invade, nearby tissues or other parts of the body.

Intra-ductal neoplasia
Intra-ductal neoplasia

Malignant neoplasms

Malignant neoplasms can spread into, or invade, nearby tissues. They can also spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems. Also called tumor.

Other names

Neoplasm is another term for a tumor.

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