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putting a patient into an ambulance

A paramedic is a health care professional who works for the emergency medical services, usually on an ambulance. They help people who have been injured or become ill very suddenly.

Paramedics can do many different things to decide what the problem is and to treat the patient at the scene. If it is needed, they then take the person to a hospital in the ambulance. They try to prevent the person's illness from getting worse before they reach the hospital, where doctors and nurses will take over care. Paramedics have to work in many different types of emergency, and cannot predict what the next one will be.[1]

People often use the term "paramedic" for anyone who works on an ambulance. However, not all ambulance crew have paramedic as their job title. "Emergency Medical Technicians" or "Emergency Care Assistants" do similar work but have less training. Some ambulances also have doctors and nurses. In many countries, the title of "paramedic" is for those who have taken a specific training course.



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