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A passenger virus is a virus that is frequently found in samples from diseased tissue, such as tumours, but does not contribute to causing the disease.

Experimental demonstration of passenger status

Proving that a virus has no causative role can be difficult. Although none of the following signs is definitive, evidence that a virus found in diseased tissue is a passenger rather than a causative agent includes:

  • injection of the virus into healthy animals without causing disease;
  • the absence of the virus at the earliest stages of the disease;
  • curing the viral infection using antiviral drugs or vaccination with no effect on the course of the disease.


A well-established example is lactate dehydrogenase virus, which is often found in mouse tumours.[1] GB virus C and Chandipura virus are possible examples in humans.[2][3] It has also been suggested that a virus related to Alcelaphine herpesvirus 1 is a passenger virus that, unlike AHV1 itself, doesn't cause bovine malignant catarrhal fever.[4] The discredited Duesberg hypothesis posits that HIV is a passenger virus in the etiology of AIDS.[5]


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