CCS Splenic Rupture

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diagnosis : splenic hematoma

HPI 23 y/o male after MVA. step 1 ABC, PE focus

Labs:serum glucose and rapid bedside glucose determination, CBC, serum chemistries, amylase, LFT's, UA, coagulation studies, blood type and match, abg, blood ethanol, urine drug screens.

Bedside u/s, DPL(for unstable), CT(for stable) and emergent surgeon consult.Chest x-ray, supine & erect abdomen x-ray.

Vital Signs, Cardiac, and BP monitoring on bed side.

Foley catheter and Urine output check.

NPO, Ringer's lactate solution I.V before results from Lab.

Transfer to ICU if patient is not stable.

-Good work up I would add surgical consult for repair also prefer NS as IVF rather than LR because in case he develops rhabdo. (MVA) NS is fluid of choice.

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