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Candida Albicans is the most common cause of yeast infections in women. More than 40% of people who have their stomachs irradiated for cancer treatment develop Candidiasis from Candida Carcinoma, a strain that is even more difficult to fight. Candida is a fungal parasite and has been linked (causally) to chronic fatigue syndrome, symptoms resembling manic depression, and type II diabetes.

Ironically, Candida Albicans was one of the first organisms to have it's entire genome mapped.

While there are several quack treatments that often cost thousands of dollars, the most effective treatment is relatively inexpensive and simple. A cure should not cost you more that $100. Live blood analysis shows that if you alkalize your blood through dietary practices, and consume colloidal silver on a daily basis, it will typically subside within 30 days. Alkalizing the blood is achieved through eliminating fats and acids from the diet, or by taking a supplemental green drink. Colloidal Silver can be made in your kitchen, but you are safer to purchase it from an herbal remedy shop. The most effective Colloidal Silver is 10ppm to 20ppm. This approach works because the fungus cannot survive well in an alkalai environment, and colloidal silver has the effect of suffocating the fungus since it interferes with it's ability to absorb oxygen while having no effect on the rest of the body.

Please note that Colloidal Silver has been banned in some jurisdictions, and production has been severely limited through taxation and other means in other jurisdictions, due to pressure from pharmaceutical companies. There is no scientific evidence that it is harmful, and the health benefits have been widely recognized since the late 1800's. Colloidal Silver is a broad-spectrum antibiotic.

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