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How to lose weight?

Here are some easy steps to lose weight.

If you are overweight or obese, use these easy to follow steps for losing weight.

Step 1 for fast weight loss

Understand what causes your weight gain so you can work on reversing these causes and stop blaming the victim or your self for weight gain. One of the most important and often completely misunderstood causes of weight gain is insulin resistance that leads to weight gain and sugar rush and crash leading to increased eating, risk of of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

What went wrong with our diet?

Instead of blaming the victim for obesity, or yourself for obesity, it is important to understand what drives the weight gain, such as insulin resistance that affects up to 71 percent of the entire population out of which 35 percent already have metabolic syndrome.

Confusing choices

With over 20,000 books written on this topic with so much misleading information, let a trained practicing weight loss physician, Dr Prab R. Tumpati,MD educate you on the true science and art of obesity medicine.

Why the food pyramid failed?

The now withdrawn and failed food guide pyramid was a disaster as it advocated a low fat, but glycemic diet that leads to increased risk of insulin resistance which in turn causes weight gain.

Metabolic starvation in the obese

Most people that gain weight are not on a mission to gain weight intentionally. It is the paradoxical metabolic starvation that happens in the obese due to insulin resistance with a compensatory increase in the anabolic hormone called insulin that drives weight gain, hunger and metabolic starvation leading to food cravings, and weight gain!

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Step 2 for fast weight loss

Find a low calorie diet plan or Very low calorie diet using low calorie weight loss supplements or meal replacements.

Step 3 for fast weight loss

Aim for sustainable rate losing weight of 1lb to 2lbs) a week.

Step 4 for fast weight loss

Find a weight loss program that is right for you that accepts your health insurance and will incorporate the proven measures to lose weight including Very low calorie diet, weight loss pills when appropriate, physical activity instructions on weight loss, correction of the causes of weight gain including insulin resistance.

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