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(as'-et-i!) [acetum, vinegar], C 2 H 3 0.

A univalent radicle supposed to exist in acetic acid and its derivatives. Aldehyd may be re- garded as the hydrid, and acetic acid as the hydrate, of acetyl. Syn., Acetosyl; Acetoyl; Acetoxyl; Othyl. A. Anhydrid. See Acetic Anhydrid. A. Benzene. See Acetophenone.

A. Bioxydamid. See Acetamid. A. Bro- mid, C 2 H 3 BrO, a reaction-product of acetic acid with phosphorus pentabromid; it is a fuming liquid which turns yellow in the air; it boils at 8i° C. It is used as a reagent.

A. Carbinol, CH 3 . CO . CH 2 OH, a satu- rated ketol produced by the action of water and barium carbonate upon chloracetone, also by fusing cane-sugar and grape-sugar with caustic potash. It is a colorless oil with a feeble, peculiar odor; boils at 145 - 150 C. Syn., Pyroracemic alcohol ; Acetone alcohol; O xy acetone ; Methyl ketol; AceioL A. Chlorid, C 2 H 3 C10, a reaction-product of acetic acid with phosphorus trichlorid; it is a colorless, highly refracting, fuming liquid; sp. gr. 1. 1305 at o° C; boils at 55 C. It is used as a reagent. A. Ethylphenylhydrazin, C l4 H 22 N 4 2 , colorless needles obtained by heating a solution of ethylenephenylhydrazin with an excess of acetic anhydrid. It is recommended as an antipyretic. Syn., Plien- ylhydrazinacetylethyl. A. Formyl. See Alde- hyd, Pyroracemic. A. Hydrate, acetic acid.

A. Hydrid. Same as Acetic Aldehyd. See under Aldehyd. A. Iodid, C 2 H 3 OI, a reac- tion-product of acetic acid with iodin and phosphorus; it is a brown, fuming liquid; sp.

gr. 1.98 at i7°C; boils at io5°-io8° C. A.

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