Baton Rouge

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Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge (pronunciation: /ˌbætən ˈruːʒ/; French for 'Red Stick') is the capital city of the U.S. state of Louisiana.


The name Baton Rouge is derived from the French bâton rouge, meaning 'red stick'. This name was given by French explorers who observed a red cypress wood pole or bâton rouge that marked the boundary between two Native American tribal hunting grounds.

Related Terms

  • Capital city: The city that serves as the seat of government for a country or state. Baton Rouge is the capital city of Louisiana.
  • Louisiana: A state located in the southern region of the United States. Baton Rouge is the capital city of Louisiana.
  • U.S. state: A constituent political entity of the United States of America. There are currently 50 states, including Louisiana.
  • Native American: A member of any of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. The name Baton Rouge originates from a red stick marking the boundary of Native American hunting grounds.

See Also

  • New Orleans: The largest city in the state of Louisiana.
  • Mississippi River: The second-longest river in North America, which flows past Baton Rouge.
  • French language: The Romance language of France, and the language from which Baton Rouge derives its name.

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